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SRI PLASTIC ENTERPRISES (A Unit of SRI ELECTRONICS AND EMBEDDED SOLUTIONS, Coimbatore) are the Retail and Wholesaler of Abs Plastic Cabinets and Enclosure of All Electronic Equipment’s. We Offer Cabinets for Industrial / Water Proof Models (IP-65 Models),PG Glands, Normal Stabilizer,AC,LCD Stabilizers,  Boosters, Emergency Light, UPS Body, Spike Busters, Speaker sets , UPS  Bezels, Buzzers, LED/Solar Lanterns,  AC/DC Adapters, Cell Chargers, Mobile Chargers, LED Light Enclosures ,Led Driver cabinets, Electronic choke cabinets, CFL Adapter and Fittings, Junction Boxes, Mantra, General Purpose Box , Power Supply, All Models Electronic  Enclosures ,Water level controller Enclosures, Water Float Enclosure, weighing scale Enclosure, Motor Starter boxes, Solar charger Enclosures, Battery Trays and Battery Boxes, Panel Meters, Panel Control boxes, Pump Starter Models, CCTV Power Supply, Melody Maker, Reverse Horn, Sockets, Sanitizer Dispensers, Lamp shades, Street Lights, Table lamps, Remote Enclosures, Tube Fittings, Capacitor Clamps and Other Cabinets.


 SRI ELECTRONICS AND EMBEDDED SOLUTIONS, Coimbatore. We are one of the Leading Company for Electric Bicycle & Electrical vehicles Conversation kits, to change your old Petrol vehicle to Electric vehicle conversion with a portfolio that includes a wide range of products for Electric Bicycles & Parts, Electric Bike kits & Electric Pedal Rickshaw Conversion Kits, Rickshaw Parts, and Other Industrial Applications. DIY projects and all parts and Accessories for E-bicycles, E-bikes, Electric Loaders, Electric Rickshaws. We have 1000+ satisfied customers in India who are saving mother earth and using E vehicles.

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