About Us

SRI Plastic Enterprises are the Retail and Wholesaler of Abs Plastic Cabinets and Enclosure of All Electronic Equipment. We Offer Cabinets for Stabilizer, Booster, Emergency Light, UPS, Spike Buster, Speaker, UPS Bezels, Buzzers, El-ballast, AC Adaptors, Cell Charger, Mobile Charger, CFL Adaptor and Fittings, Junction Box, Bell, General Purpose, Power Supply, Electronic Enclosures ,Water level controller Enclosure, Water Float Enclosure, weighing scale Enclosure, Motor Starter boxes, Solar charger Enclosures, Battery Cover, Mantra, Preventer, Mirolta Caps, Melody Maker, Reverse Horn, Panel Meter, Remote, STD PCO Enclosures, Tube Fittings, LED Light Enclosures ,Led Driver cabinets, Electronic choke cabinets, Energy Meters and Other Cabinets.