GSM BASED MOTOR STARTER -SINGLE PHASE •Motor starter control using a mobile phone from anywhere in the world. •User can control a motor with a single message or making a phone call. •Motor acknowledgement will send to owner phone number. •We can schedule run time. •We can get status of motor any time with a message when a motor is on from mobile starter •This device use only for DOL starter . •Start and stop relay having in this device SPECIFICATION POWER INPUT : •230v to 12v 1Amps adapter. •When the power on red led will glow GSM : •SIM800c module :quad-band 850/900/1800/1900mhz •Sim: only 2G sim, not support LTE or 4G, no jio sim support •Gsm antenna: 880 to 960Mhz •Yellow led: Blink 2 seconds once gsm connected to network • Blink 1 second once gsm searching for network RELAY : •12v T relay: 250v 30A, 24v 30A •Relay used :2 Channel MOTOR STATUS : •When motor on from gsm controller the led will glow DEMO VIDEO LINK Tamil: English:
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