24v 350w cycle kit with lithium ion battery (with warranty For Battery 1Year)


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Motor Specifications:

Rated Voltage: 24 Volt DC

Rated Power: 250W

Ambient temperature: -20°C — 45°C

Turn potential: 5V

Brake potential: Low potential brake

RPM (after Reduction) – 300rpm

Rated Current – 10.41A

Full load current – 14.2A

Under voltage protection: 20.5V

Current Limiting protection: 20A

Torque Constant – 9 Nm (90 kg-cm)

Torque stall – 40 Nm (400 kg-cm)

Sprocket: 9Tooth only fits #410 bicycle chains

Controller Specifications:

Voltage: DC 24V

Under Voltage: 20V±1

Current Limit: 21A ±1

Level Brake: low level

Turn Voltage: 1.1-4.3V

Phase Angle: 60/120

Power: 250W

Includes attachments for motor, accelerator, brake, battery, battery charging, PAS, brake light, power lock.

Charger Specification:

This Charger is for LITHIUM ION 24V battery.

Accurate and reliable.

Current rating: 2A-3A

The charger is based on the modern high-frequency switching power supply structure, built-in microcomputer control, to achieve fast, balanced, turbulent, floating charge automatic control charging. Package Includes:

1 x E-bike 24V 250W Unite DC Geared Motor ( 6 months warranty)

1 x E-bike Motor Controller 24V 250W ( 6 months warranty)

1 x lithium Charger ( 6 months warranty)

1 x Chain 1 x Throttle Set

1 x Led Head Light With Inbuilt Horn

2 x Brake lever

1 x Mounting Plate

1 x Charging port

1 x Nut Bolts

1 x Double Threaded Hub

1 x Anti clock Free Wheel

1 x odometer

1 x rechargeable backlight

1 x 24v 12.5ah lithium ion battery (1 yr warranty)


This 24v 250w motor is best suited for single loading. Maximum speed of motor is 22km/hr


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